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We have established good working relationships with some of the world’s largest and most respected brands and one of the reasons for that is because we have mastered the art of consistently delivering something important for the success of any business – an excellent customer experience.

Customer Service Representative

Customer service representatives (CSRs), customer service advisors , or customer service associates (CSAs) interact with customers to handle complaints, process orders, and provide information about an organization’s products and services. Qualifications include good communication, problem-solving, and computer skills.

  • Ensure customer satisfaction in all transactions
  • Organize ideas and communicate oral messages appropriate to listeners and situations
  • Follow up and make scheduled call backs to customers where necessary

Technical Support Representative

Technical support representatives answer incoming phone calls and troubleshoot customer tech problems with computer software and hardware. … Travel is not required for this job, as technical support representatives, also known as tech support representatives, work completely within the call center.

  • Provide high level technical support predominantly of a post sales nature
  • Provide support to other Technical Support Representatives to allow them to be more technically sufficient and independent
  • Acquire technical knowledge of Information products in order to  address customer problems and questions by attending internal training classes

Sales Representative

A sales representative is a person who sells products on behalf of a company, usually traveling away from their own company’s premises to find and sell to customers. … Sales representatives follow up leads from clients, participate in trade shows and exhibitions, and may visit new clients unannounced.

  • Provide high level technical support predominantly of a post sales nature
  • Provide top degree computer assistance mostly of a post product sales nature
  • Provide high quality specialized guidance predominantly of a post gross sales nature

Healthcare Account Specialist

  • Follow general operations and treatments
  •  Acquire customer’s information and facts and ascertain the matter by assessing and considering the challenges
  • Be able to prioritize service difficulties while retaining good consumer satisfaction

Airline and Hotel Reservations Representative

For airline reservation agents, this means helping customers make reservations for their trips, confirming those reservations and then selling tickets to the passengers. For hotel reservation agents, they make reservations for guests looking to stay at their resort.

  •  Accurately capture specifics of all individual interaction in conformity with guidelines
  • Apply perfected know-how and measures when assisting user queries
  • Be able to prioritize assistance issues while maintaining increased client satisfaction

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